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The way people shop has changed. We are more immersed in peoples lifestyles, families, kitchens, and style. As consumers we desire to see and know about the individuals behind the brands and how we can get their style for ourselves. 

We here at Love & Whiskey are gatherers of good things. We want to make it easy for you to find the fashion, home goods, recipes, and information you need to get the look you want. 

So enter the NEW website. A gallery, shopping and blog experience. 

Our focus now is ONLINE + PRE-ORDER for Spring. Doing pre-order will allow us to bring you the best prices on things before they hit the floor. The goal is to bring you limited quantities of items all under $70 (majority under $40). 

Shop Update: Salty Blonde Cut Co is expanding in December and is now hiring for Full Time or Part Time Stylists

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